Guitar Video Tutorials Channel

Alan Robinson is a gifted guitarist, an experienced teacher and very good with video editing software. He has created unique guitar tutorials that have in screen windows that show fret position and finger picking. Alan’s love of music is reflected in the broad range of genres that the tutorials cover. Alan has put together a site with a wealth of supporting resources, click here to check it out.

Blender Video Tutorials Channel

Blender is amazing 3D modeling, animation and game creation, open source, free software. Ian Scott has created a wide range of tutorials and other resources to help learn how to use Blender.

Modelling techniques including

Animation techniques including

Game creation

  • a complete practice level of a ball game
  • how to use animated characters in games
  • input, process and output in the game engine

Ian has put together a site with supporting material including example Blender files, click here to check it out.

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