Make a Two Minute Movie Using a Mobile Phone Camera and No Editing


We want you to make a movie, to start with can you make the simplest movie possible –

  • a short movie – under 2 mins,
  • use a mobile phone camera – convenient and few settings,
  • no editing – just film another take if necessary.


Spider diagrams are a great way of coming up with ideas and developing them. If you are familiar with the technique, put ‘short movie’ in a circle in the centre and think away.

If you are struggling for ideas click here for the spider diagram we made. Take your favourite idea and develop that in a spider diagram of its own.

Do you need a script? its up to you, for a short movie you can get away with being spontaneous.

Here is an example of an educational short movie we made (with a Sony Ericsson C905)

Legal and Safety Issues

It will be your movie, which you will upload to YouTube or similar site, it is up to you to get permission from anyone who appears in the movie and to ensure their safety.


The movie we judge to be the best will win a £25 gift token (Amazon, Play, Smiths). The runner up will receive a £10 gift token.

Entering the Competition

In the comment form below enter your email address and a link to your movie. The closing date for the competition is 31st October 2010 (Halloween).

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